In Brief


The "MPG" or Electromagnetic Pulse Generator was first developed in the early 1920's for scientific investigation into the effects of strong magnetic fields.  Very strong magnetic fields have some very unusual characteristics, but producing extremely strong electromagnetic fields is difficult and requires large and costly equipment.  With the advent of solid state devices and newer electronic components, a new and novel method of developing these powerful magnetic fields became available to the general public.

Research into these powerful magnetic fields has been carried on in laboratories around the world and many new and exciting discoveries and applications have been made.  Some of the fields of application are:

   1.  Magnetic levitation

   2.  Magnetic imaging of the human body  (MRI)

   3.  Magnetic weapons for the military

   4.  Nuclear Research (magnetic containment fields)

   5.  Magnetic propulsion

   6.  Life sciences ( plant growth stimulation, medical applications, health [Dr.Beck et. al.] )

   7.  High school physics classes ( Heat, Light, Electricity, Magnetism)

With these new generation MPG devices, small currents are stored in special energy storage capacitors until a large amount of energy is available. Then, with the solid-state switch known as the Silicon Controlled Rectifier or SCR, the energy is quickly passed through a heavy copper coil which then produces an enormous electromagnetic pulse.  Because the entire energy from the capacitor is passed through the coil in a VERY short time, the magnetic pulse produced is extremely strong.  Although the pulse time is VERY short, the magnetic field is so strong, that it still retains many of the unusual effects only produced by these super powerful magnetic fields. It is these super powerful magnetic fields that science is now interested in.

The Em-Pee-Gee pulse unit is ideal for generating these very powerful electromagnetic fields for the scientific study of the various effects such fields are now known to produce. Our unit easily generates magnetic fields exceeding 2 Tesla, and is designed for ease of use in any field of application or research.


Dr. Robert Beck's Research

The full Pulser description can be found in the research papers published by Dr. Robert (Bob) C. Beck. For background information look up the original Patent # 5,188,738. The Magnetic Pulser is a professionally designed quality device, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications in Dr. Bob Beck's research. The Magnetic Pulser (MPG) is designed to generate an intense (~43,133 Gauss), momentary (~2.5mS) magnetic field. NOTE: Please do not confuse this device with permanent/ceramic magnet therapies, or with the EMR (electro–magnetic radiation) producing devices! Through the principle of induction, this magnetic field creates eddy currents (tiny electrical micro–currents) in living organic material that contain an electrolyte such as saline.

This device is for research purposes only. The MPG unit produces electromagnetic fields which emanate into the space surrounding the coil. The magnetic fields can damage computer devices, credit cards, VCR and audio tapes and some medical devices, and any thing sensitive to magnetic fields. Please be aware of these factors and use caution when using this or any MPG device.

Before using, consult your professional health practitioner or Medical Doctor.